Fire Island Lighthouse

Your trip to Fire Island Lighthouse can easily turn into an interesting tour, where you will learn about the fascinating history of the lighthouse, visit Keeper’s Quarters, and walk 182 steps to the top for an incredible view of the Atlantic Ocean, Great South Bay, and Fire Island from a 168 foot high tower. 

My journey began at a boardwalk that starts at a parking lot of Field#5 at the Robert Moses State Park. I walked a nature trail for about 20 minutes to the lighthouse, enjoying evergreens and flowers surrounding the path, and even saw a few deers feeding.

Inside the lighthouse on the first and second floors of the Keeper’s Quarters I studied interactive exhibits about the lighthouse history and purpose. But my ultimate reward was the panoramic views from the top of the tower. Don’t get discouraged by the number of steps! Most people can walk them in less than 15 minutes. I took it slow, enjoying beautiful views from the fairytale-like tower windows on the way up.

It was a truly amazing experience being at the top. An airplane-like view, but in the open air! The view of the Great South Bay on one side, Atlantic Ocean on the other, and, of course, of the Fire Island itself opened up 168 feet below me. Above the observation deck there was a lantern room, where 2 giant light bulbs rotated. Their bright light can be seen at the distance of 22 miles. No worries, it’s not like looking at the sun – it won’t get you blinded.


I finished my trip with a gift shop visit, where you can get anything from a bookmark to a blanket with FI Lighthouse theme. I bought a book of pirate stories. Wait, did I say finish? Not yet! After my visit to the lighthouse I went to check out the nearest town Kismet! I ate at a restaurant by the marina, got an ice cream cone, went to the beach, and walked around the small town of Kismet. You can rent a bike too if you want. There are no cars allowed on Fire Island. That’s right, there are no cars, only bicycles! Kismet is less than a mile away from the lighthouse and in my opinion completes the trip beautifully.

I even got to see a magnificent sunset on the way back.


Please check the hours of operation before you go! Hours of operation, train schedule, and prices are reflective at the time of publishing this article. Please check for any changes.

Here is how to get to Fire Island Lighthouse on Long Island Rail Road, to buy tickets, and more (scroll down for driving directions):

Don’t worry if you don’t have a car, Long Island Rail Road sells package deals that will get you there by train, taxi, and ferry. If you take LIRR you will first start at Kismet and make a trip to the Lighthouse from there. The cost of the trip is $40.25 if you are going from Manhattan or Brooklyn and includes round trip train tickets, taxi vouchers, ferry vouchers, and an admission to the Lighthouse. Children package is $22.

To get to Fire Island Lighthouse by public transportation:

Go to Penn Station in Manhattan or Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn.

Daily May 28 to September 5 2016:

At Gray, Green or Blue ticket machine (not available at Red, Daily Ticket Machines) select “Deals & Getaways”, then “Beach Getaways” followed by “Kismet/FI Lighthouse” and buy your ticket. All machines accept credit and debit cards; gray and green machines also accept cash.

Please be aware that multiple tickets/vouchers will print; LIRR train tickets will print last. Be sure to take all items dispensed when completing your transaction.

Take LIRR train to Bay Shore Station and board a David Brothers Taxi to the Fire Island Ferries. Remember to use David Brothers Taxi only. All FI package stubs are subject to same day use. Not valid Fridays after 5:30 PM. (info source:


For train schedule information visit

To get to Fire Island Lighthouse by car:

From 495 take exit 53s to Sagtikos Parkway to Southern State Parkway (2 exits)

From Southern Parkway take exit 40 south

From Sunrise Highway take exit 41S Robert Moses Causeway

The Fire Island Lighthouse is located at the western end of the Fire Island National Seashore, just east of Robert Moses State Park. Take Robert Moses Causeway south to the end. At the Robert Moses water tower proceed east to Parking field #5. There is a parking fee at certain times of the year. Park on the east side of the parking field and follow the boardwalk right to the lighthouse.

(info source: http://www.fireislandlighthouse.

com/visit-contact.html )

For more information contact FI Lighthouse Preservation Society


(631) 661-4876  Monday through Friday.

Now go ahead and add one more amazing experience to your life!

Yours, Natasha Pea.

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