Massapequa Preserve

Massapequa Preserve is a quiet, undisturbed land with a lake, ponds, and creeks in the midst of a populated town. Walk or bike on a trail in a wooded area thriving with wildlife, that runs for several miles in a 432 acre nature preserve. Just steps away from the train! Walk into this peaceful retreat and spend a day amidst wild flowers and swans. Fish in the pond, or come by for a morning jog.

DSC_0210 originalJul 29, 2016The main trail is paved and is perfect for biking, scootering, or skateboarding. There are lots of joggers and walkers. Most bikers are very considerate, letting pedestrians know when they approach.

Massapequa Lake, located in the Massapequa Preserve, is a popular fishing spot, as it thrives with trout, carp, catfish, largemouth bass, and other species.

Children and adults alike can admire the variety of animals such as swans, ducks, geese, rabbits, and more… Watch out for mosquitos after the dusk!

Dogs are welcome, but must be kept on a leash.

There are benches in several spots along the trail where you can rest and take in the calm atmosphere, or even bring along your laptop for a work day outside. Around the lake there are several benches as well, where you can eat and enjoy the views.

There are no food stands, so make sure you bring water and snacks. The restrooms are a good distance away into the park.

Massapequa Preserve lake

How to get to Massapequa Preserve:

By public transportation:

From NYC: take Long Island Rail Road to Massapequa station if you want to get off right by the entrance to the Preserve, or to Massapequa Park station if you want to stop by shops and buy food or water, then walk a few blocks West. Walk through the playground – there will be a gate to enter the Preserve.

From Long Island: You will need to take Babylon branch to Massapequa station if you want to get off right by the entrance to the Preserve, or to Massapequa Park if you want to stop by shops and buy food or water, then walk a few blocks West. Walk through the playground – there will be a gate to enter the Preserve.

For those driving there is a small parking lot right by the entrance to the Preserve in Massapequa, but you can also find parking on the side streets.

DSC_0213 originalJul 29, 2016

Yours, Natasha Pea.

27 thoughts on “Massapequa Preserve

  1. You have a wonderful way of describing the areas you explore and your photography just seals the deal. I never thought of New York in the terms of everything there is to enjoy because I was one of those people you described that thought only of the Skyscrapers, theater, and good eats. I do enjoy these moments of enlightenment when a nice voice says, hey – look over here! After which, a nice adventure begins. I have a few Dragons here that like to fly up to New York on occasion. I’ll send them a link and shout, hey! Look over there. One young Dragon Sister flew up to New York not long ago to get her hair done at some salon there she heard of. That got her mother’s attention. Better for her to go to Massapequa Preserve instead. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. haha wow to fly to New York just for the hair huh! It must have been a really good hair salon. There are so many places to see that are not associated with the typical image of New York. Thanks for checking out my blog Daniel. Do you still live in Florida?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL! I couldn’t tell that anything changed with her hair but I knew that my hair insensitive male perspective would get me spanked if I said anything other than how good it looked. I do enjoy your descriptions of the New York that exists outside the city center. I don’t live in Florida anymore but return often to see family. I’m currently getting scorched here in sunny North Alabama. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hi Natasha, the family lives in Tallahassee near the university and in Orlando. So, for vacation, I go visit the family and get free room and board plus meals. Heck of deal. 😋

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Oh, I’m glad you enjoyed my native state. What parts of Florida did you visit besides Miami? I loved the barrier islands, like Saint George’s Island. When I was a child it didn’t have all the condo’s and the shore was covered in gigantic seashells. My grandfather who is now 101 years old still has a huge conch shell in the front of his house that I found on the beach when I was a kid. It was so thick that it never broke or wore away. You would have to buy more suitcases if you went there at the right time of year. The visitors keep the shells picked up during the summer but Spring and Fall there is less people and storms bring in a lot of nice shells. If you see a guy with a big bucket of shells with tattoos on his arms and a Pegasus on his back be sure to say hello to me. We can trade shells. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Oh wow! That’s incredible that your grandpa is 101. And the giant shell, that’s pretty cool:) I’ve never been to barrier islands and never heard of them! But if you say it’s a shell stop I should visit then lol. I only went to Miami and the Keys. I love the Keys.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Ahh! great minds do think alike. 😉. I loved the Keys. I haven’t visited for a very long time but there was always something fun going on and a little bit whacky too. 😆. The barrier islands run from St. Augustine to Miami then form the Keys. They are just narrow strips of land and most are accessible by bridge. Miami Beach is a barrier island but in many cases they aren’t true islands just land separated from the mainland by channels and bays. Some of the less popular barriers have the best shells especially farther upstate you go. Jacksonville beach had no sand at all it was all made from crushed shell. I used to find prehistoric shark teeth by digging down into the beach. Some were as big as your hand. It was something to think about when swimming in the water. 😬

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      6. Oh wow. Nice! This past winter I went to Sanibel island to look for shells, because that island is famous for that, but we didn’t find anything good, the shells there were small and similar, and nothing interesting. Then someone told us there is a certain spot on the island that had big shells, not where we were…

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Oh, that’s really kinda scary because Sanibel is supposed to be the top spot. I had the best luck in Apalachicola area in the panhandle. St George Island is there plus lots of nature preserves so development is minimized in a lot of places. Panama City and Mexico Beach are nearby. When storms come into the gulf the shell beds are pushed into the panhandle areas. People get all the good ones within a few days so it is best to go to the undeveloped beaches that don’t have as much traffic. The shell beds can die out and move based on water conditions each year. Nothing beats getting on a boat and diving on the shell beds where the mother lode awaits. We found some shells as big as a car tire but they were too heavy to lift and swim with. We didn’t have a winch on board. But, got a good snap shot in my head to remember it by. 😊

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      8. Now that’s the attitude I like! I wonder if those giant clams are still around. I never hear anything about them but I haven’t looked for them lately. I have lots of stories from all my adventures. I should weave more of them into the Dragon Story. My sister is a certified diver and she likes to drag all kinds of cool stuff up and my other sister is very good at making arts and crafts from all the stuff she collects from the beach. It’s in our genes I guess 🤔🐬🐚

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      9. I guess it’s dependent on the season, weather, and location but some places are better than others for sure. It would be fun if you had the time to make a trip out of it several times a year.

        Liked by 1 person

      10. Yes, that’s true. But when it does happen, hopefully it’s all worth it. What are the beaches like in New York? I’ve only been to Syracuse and Watertown. I went to Fort Drum in the winter. Whoa! It snows sideways there 😳

        Liked by 1 person

      11. LOL. The beaches are nice on Long Island, that’s where I usually go. The water is cold though, it only warms up in August and is about the same temperature at its warmest as it is in Miami in winter…

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