Peace of Porpoise Channel

A spot known only to few – and Nissequogue town tries hard to keep it that way. When we pulled into a parking lot, a security guard warned us that since we are not Smithtown residents we may get a ticket for parking there. Well, we took the risk… 


The photo above is Schubert’s Beach. The beauty of this place is that if you walk 30 seconds from the beach to the other side of the parking lot there is a channel, a quiet place where people come to clam and to picnic. 

There are cactus plants growing in the sandy ground, surprisingly for New York. Hermit crabs and tiny fish swim around right at your feet.



Enjoy Porpoise Channel at your own risk of getting a ticket!

P.s.: we didn’t get one…


Natasha Pea

FullSizeRender copy 3


4 thoughts on “Peace of Porpoise Channel

  1. Your pictures and descriptions are always delightful, Nayasha, even under threat of persecution for parking outside your neighborhood. Your positive light in nature just can’t be dimmed. 😇🌞😎

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      1. I noticed even with practice, I still can’t spell or type. But, in the case of the ticket writting guard, changing your name to Nayasha might not be a bad thing 😉

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