Hiking: From The Woods To The Fish Hatchery


I went to hike in Connetquot River State Park on Long Island, which turned into a 2 hour walk through the thin woods, where I encountered blueberries and mushrooms growing in the wild. We lost one of the group members to blueberry eating. The walk started at an old mansion, through the woods, to a fish hatchery, where trout is grown to be released into local ponds and lakes.


After the hatchery we continued to The Great River. The Great River is small nowadays, but it used to be an important resourse for the first settlers. 


Proceeding through the woods, we came across a beautiful egg with a tiny opening out of which a chick previously hatched. 


The finish line of a 5 mile walk was a peaceful view of a lake on the other side of the mansion where we had a chance to see a water gristmill. 


Anyone who’d like to walk through quiet wood area will enjoy this place.

The park is open for everyone. I, however, went with a group of people from Sierra Club – a not for profit environmental organization that has free outings every summer (with an exception of fees charged by parks or when you rent something, like a kayak). Members receive a hard copy newsletter with a calendar of local events. Please follow my blog, and enjoy your weekends!


Natasha Pea


5 thoughts on “Hiking: From The Woods To The Fish Hatchery

  1. Hi Natasha! I don’t know how your posts are escaping me. I decided to check and discovered I was way behind. What a nice trek through nature. You see the smallest detail of nature’s beauty which means you are well tuned to it. What a nice outing. It sounds really fun, especially the blueberry eating. 😋

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, I actually like your descriptions because they are well done whole I tend to get a bit long winded. Ah, the folly of being controlled by mischievous head elves. 😄


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