Jazzy Day on Long Island

Weather you like Jazz or not, Treme is a fun hang out spot. Live bands perform there five days a week, from jazz to Americana Big Band, and if you don’t have company to spend an evening with, no worries, you’ll find it here. Everyone from bartenders to visitors is very friendly, and if you aren’t feeling friendly yourself, perhaps a glass of wine from the house wine cellar will change that.

When I arrived a young man in a suit behind a piano was playing soft jazz music. Afterwards a band “Billy Mira & The Hitmen” had the house dancing, covering hits by Brian Setzer Orchestra, Tom Jones, Elvis Presley, and others, while the singer did funny impersonations of famous people. 

There is a touch of grandeur in Treme created by crystal chandeliers, puffy seats, and candles, paired with a spooky accent of semi darkness and masks hanging on walls. It all somehow interweaves into coziness and cheer.


As an art lover I found it admirable that every month Treme features a new local artist, and any painting on the wall is up for sale. 

Don’t be bored in this cold weather, there are many places to visit!


Natasha Pea



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